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Feinripp Ensemble "The Bible on Tour"

20:00 O'Clock

a heavenly comedy

The three actors Thomas Gassner, Bernhard Wolf and Markus Oberrauch sweep through the Old and New Testaments, slip into many roles and show what you can do with a small stage. The Bible. With its 1,189 chapters, the Book of Books is by no means a handy paperback. The Old Testament alone comprises 39 books. Film epics lasting several hours with award-winning special effects and hundreds of extras have so far only been able to project excerpts from the Holy Scriptures onto the cinema screen. But if you can squeeze the word of God between two book covers, then you can also put the work on a theater stage. At least the three actors Thomas Gassner, Markus Oberrauch and Bernhard Wolf with director Susi Weber are convinced of this.

Tickets are available for € 25 on oeticket.com, in advance sales offices and at the box office.

We look forward to numerous visitors.

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€ 25
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Street:vz.jenbach, Achenseestraße 50
City:6200 Jenbach
Phone:+43 5244 6930-41
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Feinripp Ensemble "Die Bibel on Tour"

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