Fine Spirits Distillery Rossetti

A noble brandy, lovingly called "Schnaps" in Tyrolean, is a typical Tyrolean natural product and is appreciated in high-proof form. Anton Rossetti has been distilling liquor for over 20 years with great success.

The Tyroleans are known for their cosy get-togethers with loved ones. And they are also known for their liquor! However, it has only recently been possible to describe the brand as "tasty" and "a drop of pleasure" - the technology has changed, as has the attitude of the burner towards its product.
Priority is no longer alcohol, but intensive enjoyment with quality - taste and smell that seduces the senses. Over the years, a competition has developed that distinguishes outstanding burners through numerous testing procedures for their performance and patience.
"Schnapps distilling is my great passion - I convert the local tasty raw materials - fruit and berries - into drinkable tasty treasures and thereby get the best out of Tyrol's schnapps," says the distiller. Procuring wood, heating, mashing in collected fruits and processing them after the fermentation process - distilling and refining for days - every single drop is hard-earned. Some fruits are rich, some less. But in the end, you always get the best out of it, for enjoyment at the highest level.
Fine Spirits Distillery Rossetti


Name:Anton Rossetti
Street / House number:Lourdesweg 1

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