Jazz brunch with "Los del Barrio"

11:00 O'Clock

As part of the celebration of "40 years of the market town of Jenbach" - jazz brunch in the Freiraum garden

Gina Duenas - vocals
Rupert Kirchmair - piano
Gerald Rumpold - bass
Kike Torres - percussion
Florian Bramböck - saxophone

After many years as a Latin musician in Berlin, band leader Rupert Kirchmair decided in 2014 to establish the live Latin events that are so popular in Berlin in Tyrol and founded LOS DEL BARRIO, which made a name for itself in a short time. The special thing about the band is next to the combination
Latin American music styles such as salsa, bossa nova, son and timbao, the passion for this music and the heart that can be felt at every performance:
The Cuban singer Gina Duenas has been an integral part of the Tyrolean music scene for 12 years and sings in several projects such as "Los Seis del
Son" and "La Banda del Sol", with which she is also known in Germany and Italy. She goes with passion and a sparkling charisma
to every performance.
Gina Duenas' diversity in both the delicacy and power of her voice as well as the warmth, inspiration and passion as the front woman of the band. The focus is on the moment, which means that the different interpretations of the band's repertoire create something new with every performance. LOS DEL BARRIO bring songs and concept, but want to immerse themselves in the moment and let what arises between them and
the audience. Dance, singing, closed eyes, longing and joy...
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admission free
City and contact
Street:freiraum Jenbach, Achenseestraße 59
City:6200 Jenbach
Phone:0699 / 12 36 97 29
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Jazzbrunch mit "Los del Barrio"

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