Feldenkrais laboratory: loose.from.the.heav

01:00 O'Clock

We explore the possibilities of our hip joints

With the Feldenkrais® method you will learn to improve your mobility. In this workshop you explore the possibilities of your hip joints. The pelvis as a stable support of our trunk is with the two hip joints at the same time the switching point for the mobility of our legs. Simple movement exercises help us to use the possibilities that this "ingeniously constructed" joint offers us.
Head: Dr. Antje Schreyer
Please bring: non-slip socks, small blanket or towel
Registration online, by e-mail or by phone at VHS Schwaz

Course fee: € 22, -
City and contact
Street:Mittelschule Schwaz, Hubert-Danzl-Platz 1, 4. Stock
City:6130 Schwaz
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Feldenkrais-Labor: locker.aus.der.hüfte

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