Schwazer Knappensteig - free guided tour

14:00 O'Clock

A journey of discovery of the Schwaz mining industry

Discover the Schwazer Knappensteig and experience the rich history of the silver city.

From 1400 to 1957, Fahlerze was mined in more than 250 mine tunnels to an altitude of 1,600 m and 200 m below the Inntalboden. Valuable metals such as copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) were then obtained from this.

The Schwazer Knappensteig includes 10 stations, each of which tells its own story. Starting at the informative starting point, it continues to the Wolfgangstollen. Afterwards the firing, the center of the Schwaz mining, and the upper gallery are visited. This is followed by the rock fall at the Eiblschrofen, which was once a danger to the houses and residents below, and a Pochersandhalde. Finally, the former gutter, the lower gallery, the sack train and the Martinhütt gallery are explored.

Important information:
  • for families and individuals
  • no registration required
  • Guided tours take place in any weather
  • good footwear required
  • Hiking trails are not barrier-free

Photo setting fire - Albrecht / Schrattenthaler
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City and contact
Street:Schwazer Silberwald, Parkplatz
City:6130 Schwaz
Phone:+43 5242 6960-101
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