Market and anniversary celebration of the SVG

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Market and anniversary celebration of the SVG Jenbach with the associated branch associations

After a special occasion, the SVG Jenbach and its branch associations are organizing another market and anniversary celebration on the Südtirolerplatz, as they did 20 years ago. The jubilees: Winter sports club: 90 years Stock sports club: 90 years Sports club: 70 years Figlclub: 50 years Of course, the tennis (57 years) the toboggan club (36 years) and the cross-country club (43 years) participate in our festival.
The festive day will open in the afternoon around 17:00 clock (games corner with bouncy castle for children's entertainment available), followed by a concert place the Federal Music Orchestra Jenbach at about 18:00 clock.
At 9:00 pm we will hold a concert of the band "Krakatau". At the end of the festivities the band "Carlos and the Gang" will probably accompany us until 01:00 o'clock.

Of course, the provision of food and drink should also be provided in detail. If necessary, even our partner community Posina will be available to us with a gnocchi stand.

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City:6200 Jenbach
Phone:0664 9212113
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Markt- und Jubiläumsfest der SVG

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