Tips & Hints

Tips and hints

  • Wild feedings and areas of occurrence should be bypassed on a large scale (observe restricted areas!)
  • Do not leave secured winter hiking trails (alpine winter hazards)
  • Thermos with warm tea and snack

Mountain trails classification

  • A winter hiking trail is "a snow-based path that marks, entertains, controls and avoids alpine dangers
    is secured ".

First aid


  • First aid kit
  • Mobile phone with full battery and mobile phone charger

emergency call

  • 140: Mountain Rescue - Alpine Emergency Call
  • 112: European emergency call (works with any mobile & in any available network)

No net?

Without network and in the radio shadow no emergency call is possible. → Change to a better location and dial regularly 112. Euro Emergency Call: Access to any available network if 112 is entered after switching on instead of the PIN code or via SOS emergency call function.

accident report

  • Who reports / callback number?
  • Where exactly is the accident site?
  • What happened?
  • How many injured?
Emergency call app mountain rescue Tyrol

Smartphone users can install the new emergency call app of Bergrettung Tirol.
It helps to send an emergency call and at the same time transmits your own location.

More information and download