Weg der Sinne - Way of the Senses
Thematic route

Walk through characteristic alpine landscapes, rediscover your senses and marvel at the 19 works by artists.

The contemplative hike begins at the Hochpillberg car park (alternatively, you can also start at the Grafenast lift station). At the starting point there are large signs describing the path of the senses and in the letterboxes folders describing the works of art along the path. For example, you walk past the star garden, the labyrinth or the gate of the six senses, or suddenly concrete letters appear on a meadow or even a connecting word in the middle of trees! Or the kids discover a curtain in the forest or the woodcutter's hut along the way! Maybe even three large cuboids hanging in a group of trees! There is much to marvel at for young and old. The labyrinth and the energy circle invite you to stay longer - they are not only jewels in the midst of nature. Relax in the hammocks along the way.

This leisurely hike takes you over spruce needles, over grass and roots, over pebbles, soft moss, swamp and through fresh, cold mountain water. The sections between the streams should be walked barefoot, your senses become much sharper, you feel new perceptions, maybe childhood memories will wake up! The trail is marked with special signs: a square larch peg with a hole. Refreshment stops are available in the three hotels along the path of the senses: Alpenhof Hubertus, Biohotel Grafenast, Ferienhotel Frieden and also 2 km below the path of the senses directly on Pillbergstraße at Gasthof Sumperer.
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At a Glance

Elevation loss:206 m
Walking time / ascent:1 h


Starting point:Parkplatz Hochpillberg
Finishing point:Parkplatz Hochpillberg
Path surface:Forest road and easy walking path
Recommended equipment:Good footwear, rain protection

Route type

Circular hike:Yes
Family hike:Yes


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Parking Lot Hochpillberg

Parking Lot Hochpillberg

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