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The car is parked at the parish hall in Terfens. From there you walk along the path of reflection to the pilgrimage chapel Maria Larch.

Walk past the Maria Larch pilgrimage chapel, after the church turn right into the Larch valley to Gnadenwald, keeping to the right for the entire route. Shortly before Gnadenwald there is a rather steep climb, which is why this round is not suitable for a pram. At the top is the beautiful sunny plateau Gnadenwald! Now you walk on the right side approx. 300 m in the direction of Terfens. Then on the left side into the recreation path to Umlberg.

The trail with its panoramic views lies beautifully in the sun, so that the view can be enjoyed. At the Umlberg/community area of Terfens you follow a piece (approx. 1 km) along the road towards the valley, past old farmhouses decorated with flowers. At pleasant temperatures you can find Haflinger in the paddock and cows on the pasture. At the end of Umlberg turn left (in winter this is a toboggan run) and return to the starting point at the village square in Terfens. Now you deserve a break in the village cafe. The whole way is signposted.

Special features:
Sun-sided located path, in typical Tyrolean landscape, almost all year round walkable.

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Starting point:Gemeindehaus Terfens
Finishing point:Gemeindehaus Terfens
Path surface:Großteils Fahrweg, teilweise Stufen und Wandersteig
Recommended equipment:Gutes Schuhwerk, Regenschutz

Route type

Circular hike:Yes
Family hike:Yes


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Maria Larch Chapel and Pilgrimage Place

Maria Larch Chapel and Pilgrimage Place

  • Place: Terfens
  • In 1678, the pilgrimage chapel Maria Larch (Our Lady of Larch) was founded for a sitting earthen figurine of Mother Mary. The figurine was attached to a larch tree before, hence the name.

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