You're looking for a cosy chalet just for yourselves? The Waldhütte offers 75 m² of living space for 1 to 5 persons. Beautifully and homelike, situated in idyllic peace at an altitude of more than 1400m. This non-smoking domicile and self-catering hut is available for rent all year round. Great hiking trails and bike routes begin directly at the hut.

Wear hiking boots and go straight out into the nature. From 1400 metres above sea level, climb the surrounding peaks such as Gilfert, Kellerjoch, Kuhmesser, Gamsstein or Sonntagsköpfl and enjoy the mountain air. Walking sticks, backpack, headlamp or thermos jug are waiting for you in the hut. After the tour you can relax in the hammock or on the terrace. In the evening you can heat up the BBQ or prepare a typicak Tyrolean "Jausn" (snack) wooden kitchen. Having fun, lauging, plaing checkers or chess and enjoying the simplicity simplicity of life at its best.