Rosslaufspitze from Innerst
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Intermediate peak between Nafing- and Nurpestal (Nafing valley and Nurpes valley).

Avalanche risk: moderate
Departure: ascent lane or (in safe conditions) in direction O into Nurpenstal
Starting point: Weerberg, Innerberg/Innerst, 1,280 m (parking fee € 3.00 / day)

Route description: Starting point is the car park at 1,280 m towards Nafingtal or Weidener Hütte, then down to Nurpesbach. Cross the bridge over the valley side, continue to the forest road. Then follow the signs to Hoher Kopf. SO witer direction Alpl (Hochsinnalm), then to Fiderissalm. Follow the O-direction over free slopes to the forest. Here is the fork in the route to the Hohe Kopf (2,373 m) in the NO direction. Leave on 2,000 lanes in direction O, most pleasant ascent lane between Nafing and Nurpenstal. Then along the ridge in the direction of the N for approx. 100 m and then sharply sloping exit in the east direction into the Nurpenstal valley

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Starting point:Gasthof Innerst
Finishing point:Rosslaufspitze


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Parking Lot Innerst

Parking Lot Innerst

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