The Schwazer Knappenspiel


This theater experience gets under your skin. The "Silberberg" by Felix Mitterer lets the turbulent time, in which Schwaz was a center of the world, be resurrected and experienced live. The silver city celebrates itself and Emperor Maximilian I, whose death anniversary marks the 500th anniversary in 2019.

There is really everything in this story that the dramaturgical heart desires. Wealth and poverty, power and justice, mysticism and love, struggle and revolution. Inspired by its magnificent and tumultuous mining history, from 14th August 2019 the whole city of silver will shake and revive a time when Schwaz was the center and seething melting pot of the world. On the occasion of the Maximilian Year 2019, which celebrates the 500th anniversary of the death of Emperor Maximilian I, the city of Schwaz commissioned the Tyrolean master dramaturge Felix Mitterer to write a play about the history of the Schwaz silver blessing in the 16th century: " Silberberg ".

It is not the heyday in which Schwaz has developed into a radiant mining metropolis and center of European dimension that Mitterer puts into the limelight with his piece "Silberberg". No, it is rather the painful farewell of the city of the Habsburg Empire, which was probably the liveliest city in the sixteenth century, of its greatness determining the fate of the world. Mitterer focuses on the time when the silver blessing became a curse.


Directed by Schwaz director Markus Plattner, this epoch marked by wars of reform, peasant wars and the rise of capitalism is staged in front of the church portal of Schwaz's parish church, the largest late Gothic hall church in Tyrol.

Schwaz committed to superlatives and so can be expected that the "Silver Mountain" is the largest theater production in Tyrol - fueled not least by the passion of the acting professionals but also the numerous amateur actors who embody the world of miners in the truest sense of the word and prepare intensively for the climax. On August 14, 2019, the time has come. On the day of the premiere of "Silberberg" Schwaz will shake for the first time in the name of its own history. However, the spectacle will not only be in the Maximilian Year - every two years the play is planned to be re-performed.


The Silberregion Karwendel is not only one of the main sponsors of the "Silberberg", but is also responsible for a colorful and exciting framework program for the play: Interested and visitors expect guided tours of the city on the topic "Fugger", exhibitions and musical evenings, a Knappenmarkt with traditional clubs as well an artist dialogue with Felix Mitterer and Markus Plattner.

The trailer for the open-air theater "SILBERBERG"