Show Dairy Heumilch Sennerei Fügen im Zillertal

Experience the art of cheesemaking in the traditional and yet ultra-modern show dairy Fügen

The Zillertal is for many people the epitome of a beautiful natural landscape with lush meadows and rustic alpine pastures, which is cultivated and preserved thanks to the sustainable management by the farmers.

Every day, more than 270 farmers lovingly look after their cows and deliver their fresh hay milk to the Zillertaler Heumilch dairy. The Zillertaler Heumilch-Sennerei is a cooperative, which means that the farm is owned by the farmers.

The main goal of the cooperative is to strive for the highest product quality, closely connected with the well-being of the region and home of this art, the Zillertal. For this reason, the company processes only the purest, GMO-free hay-milk from the mountain farmers in the Zillertal valley.

In the show dairy and in the museum you will experience the art of making cheese, learn about the history of milk processing and of course, at the end of the tour, you can also taste and purchase the delicacies you have come to know.
Show Dairy Heumilch Sennerei Fügen im Zillertal


Name:Schaukäserei Heumilch Sennerei Fügen im Zillertal
Street / House number:Sennereistraße 22


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