Seminar rooms at Burg Freundsberg Castlenn

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Used for many decades as a prison and depot, in 1947 the museum of the city of Schwaz was established in the empty rooms of the keep. A first re-erection took place in 1949 by Dr. Erich Egg and after extensive renovation in the 70s by Dr. Gerhard Kaltenhauser. In 2003, the individual floors of the keep were structurally renovated, and the exhibits were newly presented and supplemented. Through the structural development of the oldest part of the keep, the former castle dungeon in 2005, visitors can expect information about family chronicles, power and influence in addition to the exhibition on the other five floors. 


Only a few years ago, today's Knights' Hall housed a cultural camp of the municipality of Schwaz. From 2002 to 2003, the second floor of the central section of the castle was completely rebuilt and now presents itself as an artistically designed knights' hall, based on the models of the past, in which knightly sippings still take place today. The frescoes on the walls and ceiling were created by the artist Wolfgang Götzinger. The life-size carving of Jörg von Fruntsperg by Ludwig Penz in 1915/1916 stands guard in the background of the hall.
background of the hall.

  • Knights hall 35 persons
  • Size:25m2  
  • Barrier-free: no
  • 35 persons

  • birthdays
  • family reunions
  • Seminars
  • meetings
  • Presentations
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Seminar rooms at Burg Freundsberg Castlenn


Name:Burg Freundsberg
Street / House number:Burggasse 55
Phone:+43 (0)5242 65129

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