Centrum Weerberg

The completely rebuilt Centrum Weerberg, which was put into operation in 2009, offers every comfort.

It not only impresses with its stylish architecture, but also shines with state-of-the-art technical equipment, making it the ideal venue for small and large events of all kinds!


The main hall is 285 m² in size and can accommodate up to 350 people.
Technical equipment: sound system, stage lighting system, multimedia
Foyer: With its 73 m² (excl. vestibule with 33 m²) the foyer is very suitable for receptions, exhibitions, agapes, etc.
The gallery covers an area of 90 m² and can be reached from the hall twice - via the staircase on the east side and via another staircase on the west side of the hall.
The seminar room is 98 m² in size and can accommodate about 50 people. The seminar room is located in a very quiet area and is accessible via the foyer of the event hall. The foyer can therefore be used for the break buffet. 

  • Main hall 350 persons (285m2)
  • Foyer (for receptions, exhibitions, agapen 72 m2)
  • gallery (90 m2)
  • Seminar room 50 persons (98 m2)

  • Smaller 100 persons
  • Between 100 and 300 persons
  • Size: from 98m2 to 285m2
  • Accessibility

  • Sport events (honors, balls, competitions, dance championships)
  • Culture (theater, music, vernissages, concerts, cinema or film screenings)
  • Seminars, trainings, conferences;
  • club and company celebrations (anniversaries, openings, annual customer events, Christmas parties,)
  • balls and other dance events
  • Private parties (from 100 persons - weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, promotion)
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Centrum Weerberg


Name:Gemeinde Weerberg
Street / House number:Mitterberg 111
Phone:+43 (0)5224/68260

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