Parish Church Mary Ascension Schwaz

The parish church of Maria Himmelfahrt is the largest and most important Gothic sacral building in Tyrol. The mighty church is a monument of exceptional artistic quality and an important cultural and social history document from the transition from the Middle Ages to modern times.

An enormous economic upswing was triggered by the mining industry, which has been in operation again since 1420 at Falkenstein and at the old colliery (silver and copper were elicited from the mountain). This changed the social structure in and around Schwaz fundamentally. A pure farmland became an industrial centre where miners, smelters and miners (works) ruled. In 1460, the population of the town of Schwaz reached as many as 3,000 inhabitants and thus, even in the ecclesiastical area, it was no longer possible to be satisfied with the small Liebfrauenkirchlein, which was only sufficient for a few hundred faithful.

After a fire in 1429, the old Church of Our Lady was extended and inaugurated in 1432. The laying of the foundation stone began in 1460 and the construction was supported by a large donation of the trades - above all by Ludwig Meutinger of Augsburg, who was awarded a preferential price by a loan agreement with Archduke Sigmund Schwazer Silber. The consecration of the unfinished church with four altars took place on March 6,1465. In 1478 the completion of the vaulting of the church was celebrated with the setting of the keystone. The Parlier and the journeymen master Gilgs, Jörg Kayer, Peter Kaspar and Michael Saltarfer worked on the completion of the choir from 1476 to 1478.

In 1478 Master Gilg brought 112 more sandstones from Mittelwald with him for the window dimensioning. The large, new organ was built between 1476 and 1483 by master organ builder Wolfgang Leonhard and foundryman Melser von Hall supplied the clock bell for the tower.

Painting and sculpture in Schwaz has not yet kept pace with architecture. The only painter resident in Schwaz are the deeds of Hans Maler, who received 10 guilders for work in 1476/1477. He also gilded the new organ of the Church of Our Lady from 1477 to 1483.
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Parish Church Mary Ascension Schwaz


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