Rules of conduct
Mountain biking

A large part of Tyrol is covered by forest areas and alpine pastures, where numerous cows, sheep and goats cavort in the summer. Thus, many of the approved mountain bike routes also lead through the working area of farmers and foresters who maintain and care for these trails. Therefore, the following rules of conduct apply to protect mountain bikers and all those who follow their work.

  • Always drive at a controlled speed and at half speed!
  • Take account of hikers and pedestrians and overtake only at walking pace!
  • Note the difficulty of the route and accurately assess your own experience and ability as a mountain biker!
  • Not without a helmet on the mountain bike! Check the equipment before starting each tour!
  • Barriers are to be accepted. Do not forget, the trails are mainly for agricultural and forestry use. Close pasture gates!
  • Take nature and animals into consideration and stay on the marked routes.
  • For your own protection and that of the animals: Bike tour before dusk end!
  • Leave no waste!

Additional rules of conduct for single trail riders:

  • Do not ride off the trail.
  • Watch out for alpine dangers.
  • Leave no tracks! Shortcuts and locked rear wheels damage the trail.

With attention to these rules you get the maximum fun mountain biking and at the same time ensure that the unique Tyrolean mountains remain so.