Religion - Silberregion Karwendel


Closer to heaven

Countless and possibly uncountable, they are the places and places in the silver region of Karwendel that invite you to pause and stop. The steeples have the "big" way. Visible from afar, they promise from a distance this very special splendor, which has always distinguished the churches of the region. Each church has its own flair, its own mood, its own charm and each one sounds different - when the heavy bells are made to vibrate and the ancient art of the bell casting miraculously penetrates the ears. The stories of the individual parish churches go back a long way, marked by the peculiarities of the places themselves and the experiences that these buildings have collected together with the faithful. Her affectionately designed in-depth tells of the people, the artists, tears of joy or sadness and masses, to which the way has been "rung" here for centuries. No less inviting are the numerous chapels in which to look always a joy and in which a quieter prayer is always possible. In addition, the artistically designed shrines - or "Marterln" - slow the hikes on the roads off the beaten track almost mandatory and the summit crosses that crown the mountain tops, the Karwendel on the one hand and the Tux Alps on the other hand, highlight the sublime exaltation that comes after a successful summit storm - the feeling of being closer to heaven. These places do not have to be counted, but they can be experienced.