Regionality - Silberregion Karwendel


of craftsmanship and passion

Uniqueness and taste are her secret. That and a large portion of unadulterated passion, with which in the workshops and gardens, the parlors and kitchens of the silver region Karwendel is worked on peculiarities that exist only in the kind here. For example, when the artisans literally lend a hand and from all possible raw materials to conjure utensils whose value ignites the pride of the owner. For example, the owners of a Gallzeiner sled are characterized by a lifetime of appreciating this masterpiece from the toboggan factory in Buch. Similar eternity also attaches to the leather products, which are made after centuries of tradition by the family Winderl in Weerberg. And who has the opportunity to visit one of the many Christmas markets in the region, has the chance to admire a kaleidoscope of craft. In every masterfully crafted object or product is the concentrated and refined knowledge of ancient times. This appreciation of craft traditions can also be tasted or enjoyed with all senses. When the numerous beekeepers transform bees' bees into delicious honey or beeswax candles, herbalists whip up spicy teas and fruit enthusiasts solemn spirits or tickle the taste buds of tradition-conscious farmers in the region with their own smoked bacon and savory cheeses. Uniqueness and taste is her secret. And they like to share it.