Sun Side Tour at Weerberg

Comfortable hike, which leads past several original Tyrolean alpine pastures.

Immediately after the Hausstatt parking lot at the saw, the first signpost shows the direction. Passing the meadow farmer, we pass through the forest to the Scheiben- and Leachaste. We keep left and hike over the Steinwegl to Zirler Aste. From there, follow the road until a sign shows the turn-off into the forest. A small section downhill, then a new section of road begins. Soon you come back to the meadow and follow a goods road. Shortly before the finish in Innerst a bridge was built, then follow the road and you reach the Nurpensweg via Bacheraste, which leads up from Innerst. Now take the Nurpensweg to Innerst or the same way back to the house.

If you still have enough power reserves, the following variant is recommended: Follow the Nurpensweg into the valley until the Langbruggenweg branches off to the left. On the Langbruggenweg you can reach the Nonsweg without major differences in altitude. At the crossing Nonsweg keep left and follow the Nonsweg out of the valley until the Hochwaldweg branches off to the right. After a short ascent the Hochwaldweg leads slightly downhill to the Hüttegglift/Bergstation. You have a wonderful view of the Karwendel Mountains and the Inn Valley. At the Hüttegglift mountain station, follow the cart path on the left which leads back to Hausstatt via the ski slope.
Refreshments are available directly at Hüttegg
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Path surface:Beginnend mit Feldweg, dann Wandersteig bis Innerst, danach Forstweg bis retour zum Parkplatz

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Circular hike:Yes
Family hike:Yes


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Parking Lot Hausstatt

Parking Lot Hausstatt

Webcam Weerberg Hausstatt

Webcam Weerberg Hausstatt

Das Hüttegg

Das Hüttegg

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