Panoramic Circular Hike to Gilfert
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The way to the Gilfert via its back side is not as gentle as over the Weerberg. But the ascent to the Gamsstein and the Graukopf off the Gilfert are characterised by particularly characteristic small landscapes of bizarre beauty.

The Gilfert offers an impressive panorama with almost all the famous peaks of the western Alps. The longer way back over the Lafasteralm and the Gamssteingräben bring a jewel of nature conservation, an area completely left to nature without human cultivation.

From the Loassattel, the trail climbs gently through alm rose fields and in August past the yellow gentian to the first hill, the small Gamsstein with a magnificent panoramic view of the valleys. After this first summit victory, the first climb is gentle, at the end steeper, to the big Gamsstein. The trail leads through mountain pine fields, romantically interspersed with small biotopes and lichen-covered rocks. After a short rest at the summit, the trail first leads almost flat over the ridge, and then climbs steeply up to the Graukopf in rocky terrain. From Graukopf to the summit of Gilfert it is almost a walk! After a well-earned rest at the summit, the path winds down on the now green Weerberger side to Lafasteralm-Hoch- und Niederleger. There you can admire beautiful wood-zinc coatings at the hut and with a little luck you can also drink fresh alpine milk.
A wide path leads first past crippled, centuries-old Swiss stone pines through the Dranwald to a hunting lodge. Soon after, the very romantic, untouched part begins, a key experience for every nature lover. However, crossing the small mountain streams, which have eroded into steep ditches, is difficult and requires all the attention. Then the path continues over gentle meadows and mountain pine slopes, past the Schneebrugg to Gasthaus Loas (famous for its large schnitzel) and from there a short last climb back to the Loassattel.

Special features:
Ascent with magnificent views of the Inn and Zillertal valleys. Untouched biotopes on the Gamsstein and on the way back in the Gamsstein ditches (difficult in the ditches) Highlight!
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Difficulty level:difficult / black mountain path


Starting point:Parkplatz am Loassattel

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Circular hike:Yes


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Parking Lot at Loassattel

Parking Lot at Loassattel



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