Pioneer Path with Waterfall in Pilll
Hiking tour

Romantic stream hike, in the narrow Pillertal valley with the waterfall as the highlight.

This short but very varied route was created by the Schwaz pioneers. Wide forest paths, narrow steep paths at the waterfall and a meadow with small animals make for a family-friendly and eventful hike. The path over the Pioniersteig is very narrow and steep and therefore only suitable for older children.

You start at Gasthof Klausen on the main road in Pill and walk south along the Pillbach to the "Mausawiesl". This friendly meadow is home to a small animal enclosure in summer, such as goats, sheep, hares and chickens. We continue through the valley on a narrow path and soon we stand directly in front of the Piller waterfall. The water rushes over the rocks into the valley, directly beside the waterfall one climbs left in serpentines steeply up to the apex of the waterfall. Do not climb over the fence there, but pass it on the right and follow the path downhill until you reach the brook bed of the Pillbach again. You will cross the bridge built by the pioneers and climb up a few steps to Grafenwald. There the forest path goes back to the village to the church and to Gasthof Klausen, the starting point. Stop at Gasthof Klausen or Michlkeller (Hotel Plankenhof).
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At a Glance

Difficulty level:medium difficulty / red mountain path


Starting point:Pill, Gasthof Klausen
Path surface:Narrow, partly steep hiking trail
Recommended equipment:Good footwear, rain protection


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