Open-air concerts

Each village has its own music, its own charm, its own costume and its own concerts

Experience lived tradition first hand at one of the weekly evening concerts of the local music bands. Without the enthusiasm of the many musicians, these events would not be possible. Already to the smallest ones this understanding of music is passed on and thus many of the members are present since their childhood days.

During the cold season, people play, rehearse and think together weekly about which new pieces of music are played by guests and locals on balmy summer nights. From July onwards, you will see them proudly in their costumes and pulling a musical instrument through the villages, to the meeting point of the concert. Almost every village has its own music pavilion in a prominent place specially for these special events. The nine local brass band perform weekly pieces of music in the context of a concert to the best. The extensive program of each group invites you to linger and is without question a highlight for all lovers of brass music.

A meeting and coexistence of locals and guests is quite natural here.