Museum der Völker - Museum of Ethnology
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Discover familiar and distant worlds.

The Museum der Völker in the city of Schwaz takes you into a very special "meeting zone of the human being". The exhibitions encourage people to immerse themselves in familiar and foreign ways of life and to engage in interesting questions. There is much to discover - in the (virtual) wandering between cultures and continents with many insights into seemingly unknown and often so familiar worlds.

A visit to the Museum der Völker guarantees a "round trip without a plane" for all age groups on the questions people face all over the world. Who am I? Where do I belong? What awaits me after death? Who stays in the memory? What am I afraid of? And who - between heaven and earth - do I worship? What does a "good life" look like? The answers - always in comparison with the Tyrol region - are sometimes new, but sometimes also very familiar. Maybe the visit will even give you answers to questions that you have not asked yourself yet?
Museum der Völker - Museum of Ethnology


Name:Museum der Völker
Street / House number:St. Martin 16

Opening hour

Currently Closed


Opening hours:Currently closed due to renovation work (July 5, 2024 to September 18)
Available for inquiries during the renovation:
T. +43 (0)5242 66 090 

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