4001 - Schwazer Waldrunde
Mountainbike tour

From the starting point follow the path in the direction of Freundsberg Castle. Then follow the asphalted road to Egertboden. From there a wide forest road (toboggan run) leads to Bruderwald. In Bruderwald turn left at the second sharp right-hand bend in the direction of Petrach, from there continue along a slight climb. Soon you will have reached the highest point of this route. Now the path leads downhill again, in the direction of Petrach. You are on the Zintbergstraße and thus on the last section of this route.

Special feature: Besides a wonderful view of Schwaz, Freundsberg Castle offers a cosy stopover, a local history museum and a beautiful chapel.

Connections: 4000. 4004, 416


At a Glance

Difficulty level:Medium difficulty / red


Starting point:Schwaz, »Rote Bank«
Finishing point:Schwaz, »Rote Bank«
Loop tour:Yes


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Accommodation in the region


  • Place: Pill


  • Place: Buch in Tirol


  • Place: Weerberg