455 - Kleiner Ahornboden – Hochalmsattel
Mountainbike tour

A tour for real adventurers: on the plateau they are far from public roads, noise and traffic.

Right after the cross bridge the route starts through the impressive Johannestal. At the crossroads, where you reach the Falkenhütte on the left (summer season 2018 and 2019 closed), take the gravel path on the right. After the memorial to Hermann von Barth, a famous mountaineer who is considered to have opened up the Karwendel, one is already as good as at "Kleine Ahornboden". The last part leads over the rough road up to the Hochalmsattel.

Special feature: This plateau is a special scenic feature, since there is no public road leading to it and therefore only hikers and cyclists can discover the small Ahornboden.

Connection: 454

At a Glance

Difficulty level:difficult / black


Starting point:Hinterriss Kreuzbrücke
Finishing point:Hochalmsattel


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  • Place: Gallzein

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