452 - Rißtal – Plumsjoch
Bicycling & Mountainbiking

Through the breathtaking Risstal valley, past the walls of Lalider, this medium-difficult route opens the biker's heart.

From car park no. 9 the path leads left onto a wide forest path with a moderate gradient. The always demanding path to the Plumssattel leads over the Plumsalm. The driveway is a bit more demanding due to the partly rough ground. A special characteristic is the deceptive distance to the Plumsjochhütte, which soon comes into view and seems to be attainable in the shortest time.

In fact, however, the path winds in some loops along the mountain slope and the quickly guessed goal is still a bit away. After the effort, however, a pleasant stop at the Plumsjochhütte is a reward.

Special feature: From the highest point of this tour you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Eng and the Engtal, to the ascent towards Falkenhütte and the Laliderer Wänden.

Connection: 462 (single trail)

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Difficulty level:Medium difficulty / red


Starting point:Rißtal, Eng Alm
Destination point:Plumsjochhütte


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From Innsbruck to 452 - Rißtal – Plumsjoch

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