408 - Hinterhornalm – Ganalm
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A classic that leads over three alpine pastures and offers the best views into the heart of the Karwendel.

From Maria Larch a little frequented, tarred road leads to the Umlberg. In the midst of meadows the cows graze on this high plateau. From Umlberg take the forest road uphill to Vomperloch. The path offers many great views of this natural monument. The view just before the Ganalm is particularly idyllic. The forest road continues to the Walderalm, at the end it gets steeper. After the steep section the path leads out of the forest, a large alpine meadow with the Karwendel giants opens the biker's heart. Here lies the Walderalm, the highest point of the tour. Then it goes over the Hinterhornalm on the toll road to Gnadenwald. In Gnadenwald a road leads over a high plateau back to the starting point.

Special feature: The tour is very strenuous but there are only a few tours with so many views of the Karwendel Mountains and the Tuxer Alps.


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Difficulty level:difficult / black


Starting point:Terfens - Maria Larch
Destination point:Teferns - Maria Larch
Loop tour:Yes


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From Innsbruck to 408 - Hinterhornalm – Ganalm

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  • Place: Terfens
  • The sunny side of the Inn river - Welcome to Terfens

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  • Place: Terfens
  • The Ganalm in the natural monument Vomper Loch, a wildly romantic gorge, invites you to stop for a break on weekends and holidays.

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Walderalm Alpine Pasture

Walderalm Alpine Pasture

  • Place: Gnadenwald
  • Nestled in the Karwendelgebirge, at 1501m above sea level, the Walderalm team tries to offer its guests a comfortable stay.

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Maria Larch Chapel and Pilgrimage Place

Maria Larch Chapel and Pilgrimage Place

  • Place: Terfens
  • In 1678, the pilgrimage chapel Maria Larch (Our Lady of Larch) was founded for a sitting earthen figurine of Mother Mary. The figurine was attached to a larch tree before, hence the name.

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  • Place: Pill


  • Place: Weerberg


  • Place: Jenbach