403 - Innerst – Geisleljoch
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Many bikers know the 2,290 m high Geiseljoch as a challenging route with an incomparable mountain view. This route can be conquered in just under 3 hours.

From the inner car park, take the narrow path over the Nurpensbach, the Nafingalm road is directly ahead. The "Alpl" is a varied route (high gradient variation). The very good bike path first leads to the Weidener hut. After a rest, you need a little more strength in your legs to overcome the following steep alpine path. But a look at Lake Nafing compensates for the short effort. The Geiseljoch is already fully in view and within your grasp. If you are in very good condition, the last section is rideable, more careful bikers can push the last meters calmly.

The downhill run is the same way as theascent.

Special feature: Almost every mountain biker is familiar with the Geiseljoch crossing. This 2,300m high crossing is one of the most beautiful, continuous mountain bike trails of its kind in the whole of Tyrol.

Connections: 499, 424

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Difficulty level:Medium difficulty / red


Starting point:Innerst
Destination point:Geiseljoch


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from Innsbruck to 403 - Innerst – Geisleljoch

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