St James Way Tyrol - Silberregion Karwendel

St James Way Tyrol
Long distance trails

The middle section of the Jakobsweg Tirol leads you 20 km long through the silver region Karwendel, starting at Rotholz. You leave the silver region in Terfens towards Innsbruck.

From Maria Brettfall follow the path straight ahead to the Rottenburg ruin, then descend towards the Rotholz Agricultural School. There you cross the bridge and walk on to the train station in Jenbach. Follow the road to the centre of Jenbach, where you can visit the parish church of St. Wolfgang and Leonhard. In the centre of Jenbach turn left towards Achensee Kraftwerk hydro power plant. Continue straight on along the picturesque Tratzbergstraße to Schloss Tratzberg, then on to Maria Tax am Heuberg. Then follows the impressive rock monastery of St. Georgenberg, which invites you to contemplation and devotion. From there, take the Stations of the Cross to Weng.

You will pass through the village of Fiecht, where you will pass the impressive Monastery of Fiecht. Take the path straight ahead to the centre of Vomp (municipal office). In Vomp keep straight on and walk west through the Vomper fields, past the gravel pit of the Derfeser company. Then straight ahead along the old Terfner Landesstraße and just before the centre of Terfens turn right to Maria Larch's healing spring. We continue over the Larch valley in the direction of Gnadenwald, where they leave the Silber region behind them.
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At a Glance

Descent:150 m
Walking time / ascent:5 h


Path surface:Well groomed or asphalted valley roads and country lanes throughout the whole area
Recommended equipment:Good footwear, rain protection, sun protection

Long-distance hiking trail

St. Jakobsweg Trail:Yes

City:Durch die Silberregion

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From Innsbruck to St James Way Tyrol

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