Loa's schnitzel

The full splendor


A horse should not be teased from behind and a story should not be told from behind, but in that case it is allowed. Because this moment brings the meaning so nicely to the point. Anyone who turns around his own axis on a clear winter's day at the top of Loassattel knows what it's all about. The eye is forced to slow down because it can not get enough of the Karwendel mountains that are so proud and powerful that the superlatives are about to collapse. Also inveterate mountain people, Tyrolean, who grew up in the middle of it and are out of habit seemingly immune to such alpine elation, have to pause for a moment. And say a silent thank you.

If the rotation continues and the impulse to conquer the Kellerjoch or the Gilfert from here is suppressed by the snow, it is the opening to the nearby Zillertal, which stops again. The ski resort Hochfügen sends pictorial signals of a tourist universe, which acts as an absolute antithesis to the here and now. So distant is this bustling Halligalli that it is not able to disturb the peace, but the certainty with a kitschy trim emphasizes that no ten horses would make you want to swap with one of the colorful spots on the slopes. Not today. The certainty of having taken the right path already sets in when the car is left behind at the parking lot on the street just before Pillberg with the click of the radio key. Even here, one gets a glimpse of what this winter hike could hold. If there is a lot of snow - which can almost be assumed due to the altitude of the starting point of about 1,300 meters - then guarantees the forest road, not sinking into the cool white, but to find a rhythm that calms the inner solder step by step.

If there is less snow, the hike in the direction of Loas can also be started via the "Path of the Senses" that starts just 200 meters above the ground. Start is for this walk, which was designed by numerous artists and promises "6,220 steps for the soul", actually the wrong word, there is still a circle, and he was due to the topography, however irregular, neither beginning nor end. If, however, the path is chosen to reach the Loas, this need not be considered. Whether here or there, the goal is as clear as the sky, which initially hides over the trees. Slowly, in homeopathic doses, the mind is prepared for what is coming. The slope of the forest road is always light, a pleasant angle ensures that you do not get out of breath or even with too quickly inhaled, cold air to shock the bronchi. Everything is gentle. The breathing, the slope, the snow on the forest floor and on the trees. It is easy to keep quiet, it is easy to talk and everyone has to stop when the first view of the Inn valley opens. Innsbruck seems to be far away from light years and looks almost tiny considering the slowly rising mountains of the Karwendel. How good that this mountain range marks the north of the state capital. Otherwise, the city would probably be a shady tragedy. Or she would have evolved around the Bergisel.

At the latest, when the imagination so hopelessly tangled around earth, mountain and settlement history, it becomes clear that the head has become free. Somewhere between the trees and snowstones on the edge of the path, the thoughts of everyday life have stuck, melted like snow on the forehead. That's a good feeling. That's right. So happy with himself and the world can be found back in the pace rhythm, which only comes to a halt when shortly before the Alpine Inn Loas legs announce that it is steeper. This last piece brings you back to earth. Not because it would be too exhausting, but because earthly cravings spread through the beautiful, old house that seems to smile afar off. It would be wrong to call it profane because of the almost natural drunken hike or the sublimity of the power place, but the epicurean rest at around 1,650 meters in altitude is yet another highlight.

With cheeks flushed in the warmth of the room and fingers slowly recovering from the last viburnum, the menu may be sifted through. Much sounds tempting, but although the font is neither larger nor held in a different color, it is the Wiener Schnitzel that catches the eye. Yes, it must be a loaf of schnitzel.

"This has a long tradition. That was already the case with the father, "says Werner Wimpissinger, hut keeper at Alpengasthof Loas and king of the most famous Schnitzel between Karwendel and the Tuxer Alps. For ten years he has been carrying this responsibility with dignity and the necessary fun at the stove. Werner grew up in the Loas - more or less. "We were always there during the holidays and on the weekends," he says, referring to the "absences" at school. "You grow in, as it is. It is fluent. "Fluent was the transition from father to son and fluency are the movements with which he prepared the Schnitzel, for the summer not a few connoisseurs whiz away the hike, driven by the desire to drive unsportsmanlike directly to the hut.

What is the secret of the Loaf schnitzel? "The pig. The cutting. The knocking and then rauszubrutzeln the open stove, "he reveals. As self-evident as his handles are, the handle to the knife and fork is so obvious when the schnitzel lies in front of you on the plate. Even if the plate on the Loas never marks a natural border for the Schnitzel - the first cut always succeeds easily and with the first bite into the crispy shell, which covers the tender meat, the whole body breathes. Yes, that's why this schnitzel is so famous. It is as sumptuous as the panorama that surrounds the Alpengasthof and, a little further along the way, at Loassattel above, holds an impressive dessert. And it's easy to talk about: the silent thank you.

Treatment time


With every step taken on the way to the Loas, an inner peace comes closer.

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