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Beautiful and easy bike tour in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains

From Terfens, following the road to Gnadenwald, you soon reach the Maria Larch chapel, where you keep left towards Eggen. Here, after passing the previous rather wooded area, first views into the distance are possible. Now you are accompanied constantly  by the two thousand metre peaks of the Bettelwurf massif to the north and the other Karwendel peaks – the proximity to the mountains gives this easy tour its special charm. Many beautiful photo motifs also along the way (roadside shrines, chapels).
In fact, you are already in the middle of the Karwendel - geographically of course, because the border always forms the middle line of the Inn. Already in early spring there are hardly any snow remnants here - the elevated position on the sunny side makes it possible. In any case, the village café in Terfens offers the opportunity for a break and a break. Tip: The right-turning water of the well at the Maria Larch Chapel is said to have a healing effect. People from near and far come here to fill the water.

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Starting point:Parkplatz Gemeinde, Terfens
Loop tour:Yes

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  • Place: Terfens
  • The sunny side of the Inn river - Welcome to Terfens

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Maria Larch Chapel and Pilgrimage Place

Maria Larch Chapel and Pilgrimage Place

  • Place: Terfens
  • In 1678, the pilgrimage chapel Maria Larch (Our Lady of Larch) was founded for a sitting earthen figurine of Mother Mary. The figurine was attached to a larch tree before, hence the name.

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  • Place: Gallzein


  • Place: Kolsassberg


  • Place: Weerberg


  • Place: Weerberg

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