Von Burgen und Schlößern
Bicycling & Mountainbiking

Jenbach, Heimat der Züge, ist der Startpunkt der Highlight-Tour der Silberregion Karwendel.

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Difficulty level:Medium difficulty / red


Starting point:Bahnhof Jenbach
Loop tour:Yes

Long-distance cycle trail

Inn Cycle Path:Yes


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from Innsbruck to Von Burgen und Schlößern

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Tratzberg Castle

Tratzberg Castle

  • Place: Jenbach
  • This mighty, yet magical castle sits enthroned on a rocky ridge on the slopes of the Karwendel between Jenbach and Schwaz: The magnificent Renaissance Castle of Tratzberg.

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Silver Town Schwaz Old Quarter

Silver Town Schwaz Old Quarter

  • Place: Schwaz
  • The charming old town of Schwaz is worth a visit with its many hidden treasures.

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Freundsberg Castle

Freundsberg Castle

  • Place: Schwaz
  • Visible from afar, Burg Freundsberg Castle sits enthroned on a hill high over the City of Schwaz.

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Train Station Jenbach

Train Station Jenbach

Accommodation in the region

Wohnstraße 11

  • Place: Terfens-Vomperbach


  • Place: Vomp