KUSS - KUltur Stadt Schwaz
a truly unique experience

Schwaz is a city with history. 500 years ago, the place had a special significance for Emperor Maximilian. Tyrol was due to the large silver deposits as his treasury. Schwaz was a thriving mining center and after Vienna the second largest settlement of the Habsburg Empire. Many wonderful buildings and cultural treasures still bear witness to this golden age.

Even today Schwaz has a lively cultural life. Not only music festivals of international stature and the numerous initiatives and events of artists and traditional clubs testify to this. Every day, the cultural centers grouped under the term KUSS in our city offer a rich offer for residents, visitors and guests.

See for yourself! With KUSSecht, a cultural tour of a different kind, we offer you two extraordinary exploration tours through our cultural centers. Lively, Madame Marie Galerista accompanies by bus to galleries and museums. Cheerful and charming, she enriches the tours. I am convinced that this unique and charming offer will not only impress our young guests with the art and culture of our city.

Information about the tour

The participation fees will be charged at the beginning of the tour.

  • Max. 25 participants per tour
  • for children from 5 years (up to 12 years only with company)
  • Adults € 5, -
  • Families € 10, - (including children)
  • Reduced entrance fees for group and school tours by appointment

Period: July to October; Duration approx. 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Advance registrations for the mentioned KISSecht tours or special appointments mandatory under +43 (0) 5242 6960-101 or info@SZentrum.at

At the bus terminal Wopfnerstraße / Stadtgalerien Schwaz both tours start with the shuttle. At the last KISS houses (Friendsberg - TOUR 1 or Museum of the Völker - TOUR 2) the shuttle waits half an hour after the end of the tour, so there is the possibility to stay a while. The shuttle takes participants who do not want to walk to the bus terminal Wopfnerstraße / Stadtgalerien Schwaz.

  • Tour A:
    • 10 July 2020
    • 4 September 2020
    • 16 October 2020
    always at 2.30 pm

  • Tour B:
    • 3 July 2020
    • 7 August 2020
    • 9 October 2020
    always at 2.30 pm

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