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Klangspuren 2022 - new artistic dual leadership

Under the motto "Preview - Review", the Tyrolean festival for new music, KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ, celebrates its 30th festival edition from 7 to 24 September 2023. The festival focuses on diversity, openness, curiosity and cooperation. Klangspuren looks ahead with a number of world premieres by young composers such as Ole Hübner and Clara Olivares. The look back takes place from today: as a new interpretation of Terry Riley's famous In C by the cult band The Young Gods, as a return to compositional techniques of the old masters in order to bring forth something new, as with Klaus Lang, in the new production of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Music in the Belly by Simon Steen-Andersen or with Birgit Minichmayr & Martin Siewert, who follow the musical traces of Lotte Lenya. Klangspuren takes a significant look back with a concert as part of the supra-regional commemorative project "Memories of Memories" on forced labour in Schwaz during the Nazi era, which was already thematised at Klangspuren in 1995. 

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Klangspuren Schwaz, the Tyrolean festival for new music, was founded in 1993 and has since developed into the largest and most successful festival for contemporary music in western Austria. Since 2019, programming has been in the hands of music curator and journalist Reinhard Kager, who succeeded Matthias Osterwold, Peter Paul Kainrath and festival founder Thomas Larcher as artistic director. Since its inception, the festival has taken place annually in September and has been significantly shaped by the rotating Composer in Residence as a liaison between the festival and the International Ensemble Modern Academy. Since 2019, the Improviser in Residence has been at his side, spearheading the new two-day format IMPROV#1-#6. In addition, Klangspuren Schwaz sees itself as a promoter of the contemporary music scene on a local and international level through the alternating integration of the music education projects Klangspuren Mobil, Klangspuren Lautstark and Klangspuren Barfuss into the festival program, as well as through the commissioning of compositions and the development of new projects.