Klangspuren Schwaz - Silberregion Karwendel


Actually, it should have been a festival of encounters. With a program full of surprising connections from different cultures and musical genres. Around thirty musicians from non-European countries such as Egypt, Australia and Israel were supposed to perform at the Tyrolean Festival Klangspuren this autumn, but most of them are currently not allowed to enter. In view of the increasing number of infections worldwide, the pandemic situation remains so uncertain that it is currently not foreseeable how it will look in Austria after the summer vacation easing in September.

For these reasons, the management of Klangspuren decided to design a new festival adapted to the Corona situation under the motto "Zeitzeichen". The guiding principle was the idea of putting together a program that, from today's point of view, will not just be vaguely feasible, but rather be implementable with a high degree of probability. That is why this year musicians who live almost exclusively in Austria and who are most likely to be spared from travel restrictions, will play at Klangspuren. Which opens up the scope to refer to the enormous density of first-class, internationally recognized interpreters from Austria, be it from the field of new, composed music or from free improvisational music.

You can find more information at www.klangspuren.at

Tyrolean festival for new music

Klangspuren Schwaz, the Tyrolean festival for new music, was founded in 1993 and has since developed into the largest and most successful festival for contemporary music in western Austria. Since 2019, the programming has been in the hands of the music curator and journalist Reinhard Kager, who succeeded Matthias Osterwold, Peter Paul Kainrath and festival founder Thomas Larcher as artistic director. The festival has been held annually in September since its foundation and is largely shaped by the changing composer in residence as a link between the festival and the International Ensemble Modern Academy. Since 2019, he has been accompanied by the improviser in residence, who leads the new, two-day format IMPROV # 1- # 6. In addition, Klangspuren Schwaz see themselves as sponsors of the contemporary music scene on a local and international level through the alternating inclusion of the music education projects Klangspuren Mobil, Klangspuren Lautstark and Klangspuren Barfuss in the festival program as well as through the awarding of composition commissions and the development of new projects.