Klangspuren Schwaz - Silberregion Karwendel



Klangspuren 2020 will open on 11 September 2020 in the Silbersaal in the SZentrum Schwaz and last until 27 September 2020. Next year's motto will be "Bridges" and the two Artists in Residence will be the Romanian-German composer Adriana Hölszky (Composer in Residence) and the German Frank Gratkowski (Improviser in Residence).

Anyone who enters the Tiroler Festival for New Music, the Klangspuren Schwaz, enters new territory as a participant or listener.

The KLANGSPUREN Schwaz in Tyrol were founded in 1994 and have developed into the largest and most successful music festival in Western Austria with a focus on contemporary music. Since its founding, the international KLANGSPUREN FESTIVAL of contemporary music takes place in September every year. The original concept - to offer contemporary, living music in the West a professional, expandable platform and to point out the origins and the pioneer of this new music - is still the basis of program creation today. In addition, KLANGSPUREN Schwaz sees itself as an employer, facilitator and supporter of young composers and musicians through its systematic involvement in the concert program and the development of new projects.

KLANGSPUREN Schwaz provide a platform for innovative, progressive, courageous and bold pioneers and visionaries who want to write down the future history of music.

Today, the KLANGSPUREN Schwaz stand for innovation, cosmopolitanism, tolerance, have something new, bulky, not commonplace to convey and do this successfully. Almost all concerts in the past years were sold out.
In addition to performances by renowned ensembles, "hands-on opportunities" are offered every year.




 11. - 27.09.2020

Tyrolean festival for new music