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This absolute classic among alpine tours will take you through the Karwendel for four days. This route, which has been described since the middle of the 19th century by mountaineers, then known as "landscape enthusiasts", is still a must for hikers today. If you want to hike through the Karwendel Mountains, this is the right route for you. Those who love mountain cabin magic and relaxed hiking will get their money's worth.

Day 1 - From Hinterriss to the Falkenhütte

Starting point is the "Gasthof zur Post" in Hinterriss. In the information centre of the "Alpenpark Karwendel" you have the possibility to inform yourself about the Karwendel in natural history films and exhibitions before your tour. Afterwards you hike along path 231 into the outer Johannestal to Kleiner Ahornboden. From here, following the signpost "Falkenhütte", you will go to the Ladizwald and the beautifully situated Ladizalm; in Kehren to the Spielissjoch and further up to the Falkenhütte. Depending on your mood and physical condition, you can climb up to the top of the mountain "Hausberg" in the afternoon and enjoy a magnificent view of the Karwendel. You will experience the evening and the night with rustic cottage flair in front of the large rocky backdrop of the Falkenhütte.

Day 2 - From the Falkenhütte to the Engalm or the Binsalm

After an extensive breakfast we return to the Spielissjoch and below the spectacular north faces of Laliderer to the Hohljoch.
The fit and sure-footed hikers now cross the Lalidersalm and the Gumpenjöchl on Gamsjoch and return to the Hohljoch, from where they descend like the other hikers on a good hiking trail to the Engalmen.
Take your time and have a look at the alpine village Eng. It is the largest alpine village in Europe and its natural beauty cannot be surpassed. Alternatively, you can continue on to the Binsalm and stay overnight.
From the Engalm via the panoramic path you can reach the Binsalm in approx. 1 hour, with a magnificent panoramic view of the large maple ground. You can also choose the forest trail with a walking time of approx. 40 minutes (luggage transport possible). This shortens the stage on day 3.

Day 3 - From the Eng to the Lamsenjoch hut

After a hearty breakfast we return to the Binsalm (on forest road or hiking trail) and continue to the western Lamsenjoch. From here you can hike almost flat on foot to the already visible Lamsenjochhütte. If you haven't had enough, take a detour over the Lamsenspitze, one of the most famous peaks of the Karwendel. You climb it over a varied - medium-heavy - via ferrata. Especially the passages through the "Lamsentunnel" and later through the "Turnerrinne" offer airy deep views and spectacular photos. Please use alpine experience and suitable equipment (helmet, fixed rope set), which you can also rent in the Lamsenhütte (please reserve!). Another night in a cosy hut atmosphere follows.

Day 4 - From Lamsenjochhütte to Stans

Leaving the hut in a south-eastern direction, you can choose between a hiking trail or the rough forest path down to the Stallenalm, where the valley of the same name begins.
The Stallental valley is well-known to every Tyrolean schoolchild because the last bear in Tyrol was killed here in 1898. Crossing meadows and through the forest, you go down the valley until you reach the footpath towards St. Georgenberg, Wolfsklamm and Stans. St. Georgenberg is a baroque pilgrimage church dating back to the first monastery founded in Tyrol around 950. After a fire, the monastery was later rebuilt in Fiecht in the Inn valley.

Back to Stans you can hike along the Kreuzweg (over a small bridge) to Weng until you reach the turnoff to Stans. The way back via the Wolfsklamm is NOT possible!
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At a Glance

Difficulty level:medium difficulty / red mountain path
Elevation loss:2306 m


Starting point:Hinterriss
Finishing point:Stans
Path surface:Gut präparierte Forst-, Schotter- und Wanderwege


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Lamsenjochhütte Alpine Cabin

Lamsenjochhütte Alpine Cabin

  • Place: Hinterriss
  • The Lamsenjochhütte (1,953 metres above sea level) is a DAV refuge at the foot of the Lamsenspitze and an important base for tours through the Karwendel, Tyrol. The hut is a spacious Bergler accommodation at the foot of Lamsenspitze.

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St. Georgenberg Monastery

St. Georgenberg Monastery

  • Place: Stans
  • A special place of pilgrimage in the Karwendel Silver Region is St. Georgenberg in Stallental.

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Accommodation in the region


  • Place: Pill


- Das alpine Panorama-Hotel

  • Place: Hochpillberg


  • Place: Terfens