Hammock Spot Pillberg Mausawiesl

Let yourself fall, just hang around, look up in the sky and create with your imagination funny characters from the white clouds.

Just like we used to like to do when we were kids. Just as the clouds pass over you, let your thoughts drift on - and don't tie them up. Your senses are only in the here and now, you listen to the rippling of the stream, smell the scent of wood and trees that the gentle wind blows at you,

You feel the warmth of the sun, which gently caresses your skin! Then you hear a quiet laugh from a distance, which slowly "brings you back". It was a small dream journey - in the middle of nature, in the middle of the day. It is hard to believe what such a floating in the hammock, surrounded by woods, meadows and the splashing of the stream can do.

You just want to drop yourself? Then visit the Karwendel Silver Region and keep an eye out for the new hammock places.
Hammock Spot Pillberg Mausawiesl



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