Guide for safety on the alpine pasture

An alp is not a petting zoo!
A guidebook for the correct behavior in encounters with grazing animals

Assess the behavior of grazing animals correctly
In encounters of hikers with alpine cattle, a certain caution is required. In order to avoid dangerous situations, some recommendations should be followed and important behaviors of alpine animals should be known.

Recommendations for the best possible prevention of conflicts:

  • If it is not absolutely necessary, do not come too close to grazing animals and especially do not pet or feed calves! The animals could be irritated at the next hiker and cause misunderstandings, so that this feels threatened.

  • If a herd shows restlessness or hikers are already fi xed by animals, be sure to keep their distance! Better to take a detour!

  • Keep your dog on a leash and keep it from getting too close to the herd or hunting it. Dogs resemble potential enemies, especially young animals, and are therefore often attacked by dams. Then remove your dog if an attack of a bovine is foreseeable. Unlike humans, dogs are fast enough to avoid attacks. This will also distract the dog owner, so that he can leave the danger area!

  • Is it still dangerous situations: Keep calm and do not run away! In case of emergency, use the stick to give the cattle a targeted punch on the nose. Otherwise, walk slowly and steadily out of the danger zone without turning your back on the animals. This is the only right way to deal with a dangerous encounter.



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