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"Silver aphid donuts"


That may already be said. Tyrol as a whole and also the region around Schwaz were in the past no hotspots of culinary diversity. As beautiful as it has always been, nature has been relentlessly begging for its fruits between the mountains. Light years away from full shelves with products from all over the world, in times when "papaya" - thought backwards transversely - still had to be understood as approval for the father, ingredients were found in the farmers' pantries in quite manageable numbers.

Bacon was there, potatoes almost always, flour was always available, a barrel of sauerkraut also and the chickens took care of the eggs every day. But especially - and this must not only, but must be said - was the ingenuity of the cooks, who knew how to conjure a variety of dishes from the scanty number of ingredients. "The Blattln are such an ancient dish, a farmer's dish, probably because they always had these ingredients," says Florian Knapp. Together with his wife Selina, Florian took over the traditional Schwazer traditional inn Einhorn Schaller in 2010. In a way, it was a continuation of that old tradition, the honest, regional kitchen wizardry with no tropical frills and Caribbean treats to go with them.

Back to the roots
"Those who travel will find the place their heart beats for," says Schaller's homepage. The sentence arouses curiosity and asks for it, invites Florian to a brisk world tour: "I have done the Villa Blanka and then a year and a half after England, then always hopped - to Portugal, Baden Baden, Augsburg and three years on the ship." The ship he is talking about was the "Queen Elizabeth 2". This famous royal luxury steamer should bring Florian good luck. "That's where I met Selina," he says. Knowing and loving learned, to be exact.

At some point, the wave crests of the oceans must have aroused the yearning for real mountains, but the two said goodbye to the ship and began working in the Travel Charme Fürstenhaus am Achensee. And when Florian, the great Schwazer, got the opportunity to take over the old traditional inn Einhorn Schaller in his hometown, he grabbed her by the neck. Selina became "election-Schwazerin" and the two to a host duo, who managed to breathe new life into the old house. With deliberately traditional culinary delights made from regional products. And against the background, they began to puzzle. "We wanted to invent something special for the silver region," says Florian. To offer the Blattln, this traditional dish, which is prepared from potato dough, rolled out and cut potato dough, which is baked in fat golden yellow and enjoyed with sauerkraut, was the first prank. Monday became a day of prayer. "Surprisingly, we had never seen anything on the menus before. Then they were suddenly offered back in several inns, "recalls Florian. Whether this trend emanated from Schaller, he does not know. No matter, the idea of ​​bowing culinary to the region led to the further development of the Blattln. "We filled the Blattl'n with Graukäse from Lieb am Weerberg," reveals Florian. The Graukäse is the "silver" for the Blattln whose full name is "Silberblattlkrapfen".

The potato dough is the highlight
The basis for this is potato dough. He is the show-stopper and his many possibilities are the same, the passionate French-eaters and chip-nibblers, potato-pulp fetishists, croquette lovers and buffers fans can enjoy so much that every other won dough-fun must pale. For the potato dough, Florian peels cold potatoes, which are best cooked the day before, and presses them through the potato press. With its bulbous prototype, this potato press result has nothing to do anymore. In the small potato mountain, a pit is formed, in the eggs, flour and spices - Muscat is of course with it - briefly give a funny picture. Very briefly, the whole thing is now processed into a dough, which then allowed to rest for 20 minutes. Florian spends these 20 minutes not just chatting, but preparing the fullness. To mix pots, gray cheese and spices is quite fast. And it gets to the point, by the dough is rolled out thin. "I cut lozenges and put the Graukäse cheese fullness on one side, close the dough and close the whole well on the edges," comments Florian the steps. At least now, when he heats the fat in the pan and waits for the right temperature, Pavlov's reflexes begin to work. If the silver leaf fritters then float in the fat to become more and more golden, the culinary imagination already imagines what consistency the gray cheese is getting, and it is these thoughts that make it possible to survive the time until the first bite ,

Crispy on the outside, spicy abundance, sauerkraut as a congenial partner. Yes, it is a golden yellow silver treat served in the unicorn Schaller. An ancient dish in refined form. A nice present.


➸ 1 kg of floury potatoes
➸ 500 g flour (T480 double handle)
➸ 4 eggs
➸ salt, pepper
➸ nutmeg

Peel cold boiled potatoes (best of the day before) and squeeze through the potato press, add the eggs to the potato pit and then add flour and spices. Process everything to a dough and let rest for about 20 minutes.
Tip: fresh marjoram gives the dough a nice aroma

➸ 250 g pots
➸ 100 g gray cheese (finely cut)
Wür Season with chives, salt and pepper to taste
Mix all ingredients well.

Roll out dough about 2 mm thin. Cut out the leaf donuts with a round cookie cutter (between 8 and 15 cm in diameter). Put the filling on the dough and the edges well
close. Bake in the floating fat golden yellow.
Serve traditionally with sauerkraut.

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With every step taken on the way to the Loas, an inner peace comes closer.

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