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Rablhaus Museum
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Rablhaus Museum at Weerberg is the only museum institution in the Alpine area dedicated in its entirety to folklore, uniting elements of religious faith and superstition.

As irrational as it may seem, incredulous sounding exhibits, such as a “womb toad" the "labour-pain bottle" and horoscopes as well as lucky mascots, lucky stones and horoscopes have always been used by the alpine folk to protect from and/or cure a wide spectrum of ailments. Fear and insecurity, as well as desire and hope lie behind the use of such objects and practices.  Visitors to the Rablhaus embark on a journey through life - through the bed, sick or death chamber, to the smokehouse kitchen and living room.

Rablhaus Museum


Name:Museum Rablhaus
Street/Number:Kirchgasse 17
Zip code:6133

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Currently closed


WeekdayOpening hour
From 02.07.2020
Th, Fr, Sa, Su14:00 - 17:00

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Rablhaus Museum

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