SILBERBERG - world premiere

01:00 O'Clock

The Schwazer Knappenspiel

Felix Mitterer has written a play for the Silberstadt Schwaz, which will go on August 14, 2019 on the open-air stage. In front of the impressive church portal of Tyrol's largest late-Gothic hall church, it tells the story of the conflagration of the Schwaz silver blessing and its decline, with all the consequences and consequences for the people of that time in the 16th century.

The plot also works in several narrative strands. Politics and history, social life and mythological aspects are interwoven with dramaturgical sensitivity. So the piece receives pace and alternates between brutal power struggles, interpersonal everyday situation and sometimes quite funny moments.

A play that plays in history but is written in the present time always raises the critical question of what history has to do with today. Here, Plattner draws heavily on the imagery to create associations between the past and the present, but never to tell them out in a blatant way.

Author: Felix Mitterer
Director: Markus Plattner STAGE Karl-Heinz Steck
Costumes: Silvia Fritz DRAMATURGIE Veronika Schwarz
Light: Ralf Wapler MUSIC Christof Kammerlander
Assistant director: Edith Hölzl, Simon Fankhauser
Production: Peter Lindner (Lindner Music) and the team of the city of Schwaz under the direction of Hermann Weratschnig

Admission: 19:30

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Street:Pfarrkirche Maria Himmelfahrt
City:6130 Schwaz
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