Adventure South Seas

17:00 O'Clock

Discovery of the natural wonders in the South Pacific

Abseiling into active volcanoes in Vanuatu, discovering new animal species in the dense jungle of Papua New Guinea and photographing a traditional mummification - that is the daily work of the film and photo journalist Ulla Lohmann (National Geographic, GEO, Stern View, ZDF, BBC and many more). . She has been traveling the South Seas since she was 18 and has spent many years in the area of the "South Pacific Fire Belt". The landscape to the east and north of Australia is not only characterized by seething volcanoes, but also by animal and plant species that only occur there and by people who have been able to maintain their strange rituals due to the seclusion.

Ulla Lohmann tells how she and her team approached a seething crater and took fascinating pictures. She shares her experiences with the worldwide unique mummification of her adoptive father Gemtasu and how this changed her view of life after death.

With her gripping lecture, she takes us into a strange world that has become her second home. The journey leads from the remote Marquesas Islands, where Polynesian culture is still lived in its original form, via Tasmania with strange animals and rock formations to Papua New Guinea. There she discovers, among other things, new animal species. Finally, the visitor is there in the fulfillment of a lifelong dream in Vanuatu; to stand very close to the crater lake of an active volcano, where no one has been before.

We look forward to numerous visitors.

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