Luis from South Tyrol - Christmas special

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Even the Luis from South Tyrol does not let Christmas get cold. In the Christmas Special, Luis from South Tyrol is dedicated to the feast of the Li

When the cold wind whistles around the yard outside, and the snowflakes drive the chickens into the stable, Luis from South Tyrol does not sit in the warm room carving wooden sheep, but sets off again to feed the people down in the valley from his mining life tell. And what he has to report there is - as one already knows - not very little.

Packed with a large sack of presents, which he distributes to the public, Luis from South Tyrol once again brings the laughing muscles to full speed. In an accustomed fast-paced show in which Lacher follows laughter, Luis from South Tyrol interacts with the audience and proves once in a while his quick-wittedness. The Christmas program of Luis from South Tyrol is a colorful mix of the finest, handmade and improvised cabaret.

Luis from South Tyrol has been taking the stages by storm since 2010. Starting from South Tyrol, it has gradually expanded its sphere of influence and is now well-known in the entire southern German-speaking region. The Christmas Special will be held exclusively in selected locations in the months of November and December.
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Cat.1: € 36,00, Cat.2: € 32,00, Cat.3: € 28,00
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Street:SZentrum, Andreas-Hofer-Straße 10
City:6130 Schwaz
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Luis aus Südtirol - Weihnachtsspecial

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