"Desire and License"

20:15 O'Clock

Desire, Desire, Power ... "Desire and Driving License" by Elfriede Jelinek

Lust, desire, power...
What happens on stage is the expression of a woman's thoughts and feelings. A woman in a driving lesson. But instead of looking at the street, her gaze is fixed on the man's genitals. Images of what came before and what could happen are mixed with puns and misrepresentations.
She eludes male desire and at the same time challenges it by exposing an animal instinct in both her and him.
In a language of female lust charged with aggression and cynicism, their experiences and insights expand to include a social denominator.
The stage space as a powerful, abstract expression of thoughts and feelings.

Staging, acting, stage: Birgit Fuchs
Lighting design: Johannes Wetzinger
Technology: Simon Fankhauser
Graphics: Tamara Baumann
Production team: Markus Plattner, Madeleine Weiler, Hermann Weratschnig, Viktoria Gruber
Photo: @thomasrabsch

Premiering: September 16
More game dates:
18/23/24/30 September
October 1

Where: Theater in the Lendbräukeller, Innsbruckerstr. 39, 6130 Schwaz.

Ticket: www.theaterimlendbraeukeller.at/karten

A co-production between Birgit Fuchs and the Theater im Lendbräukeller
Performance rights: Rowohlt Theater Verlag
ZVR: 763866758
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Normal price: € 16,00; reduced: € 14,00
City and contact
Street:Theater im Lendbräukeller, Innsbruckerstraße 39
City:6130 Schwaz
Phone:0650 2045045
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