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Painting with natural colors 1

18:30 O'Clock

Activate senses, perceive and reproduce feelings

Part 1 of the workshop series We produce natural colors, deal with their properties and use them in different ways. Short poems (if necessary) can serve as a source of inspiration for the first pictures. About the workshop series: In everyday life, what we perceive with our sense of sight and hearing predominantly penetrates our consciousness. However, what essential information we collect through smelling, tasting and sensing often remains unconscious. In this series of workshops we deal intensively with all the senses and capture what is perceived in pictures. Please bring: work clothes, tray or board for the transport of the still wet pictures. Course instructor: Dott.ssa Marisa Pacilio Registration online, by e-mail or by phone at the VHS Schwaz

Course fee: € 25, - / Material fee: € 9, -
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Street:Mittelschule Schwaz, Hubert-Danzl-Platz 1, Parterre
City:6130 Schwaz
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Malen mit Naturfarben 1

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