Exhibition heim@schwaz.at

22.04.2022 - 19.06.2022

Vernissage on April 22, 2022 at 7 p.m., open Thu-Sun from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. until June 19, 2022

The exhibition heim@schwaz.at examines the depiction of "home" in contemporary art in Schwaz and Tyrol.

Works by AKW Schwaz, Max Angerer, Wilhelm Angerer, Josef Baumgartner, Gustav Bechler, Karl Bodingbauer, Gert Chesi, Christian Danzl, Hans Ebenbichler, Arno Gisinger, Martin Harb-Schlierbach, Fred Hochschwarzer, Heidi Holleis, Andreas Holzknecht, Karl Ihler will be on display , Anton Kirchmayr, Toni Knapp, Maria Knoll, Franz Kobald, Alexandra Kontriner, Vanja Krajnc, Paul Albert Leitner, Günter Lierschof, Monika Nelles, Alois Norer, Milena Meller, Roland Maurmair, Sepp Orgler, Mari Otberg, Ludwig Penz, Alois Pfund, Herbert Prantl, Carl Rieder, Thomas Riess, Christian Stock, Esther Strauß, Karl Severin Unterberger, Rens Veltman, August Johann Wagner, Lois Weinberger, Hans Josef Weber-Tyrol and students of the BRG Schwaz.

SOCIAL PROGRAM for the exhibition: - 6 p.m. in the Rabalderhaus
04/29: Heimat – a definition of terms
Lecture and panel discussion by and with the folklorist and philosopher Elsbeth Wallnöfer (Vienna) and the historian Wolfgang Meixner (Innsbruck)
06.05: "Only the others are at home!" - How the concept of home came about
Lecture performance with Günter Lierschof
13.05: Heimatkunst - an inventory
Round table with representatives of the Schwaz art scene
20.05: Which homeland is worth protecting?
Panel discussion (at the MDV)
27.05: Find home
11.06: Heimatfilm (in MDV)
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City:6130 Schwaz
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