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Pinchwork Family

20:00 O'Clock

The Quetschwork Family is the purest set design book family - with all its role models

To be more precise, with one woman and three men. While Jakob is in need of harmonics, Markus likes to counter with his bass. And while Julia, armed with a tuning fork, is blowing a storm against the general and common recorder dislocation, Walter is doing piecework with his guitar.

Here, people reach for their pocket instruments in a very creative way and chat from the humble box in between. The texts are given dialectally - without any homeopathic canned music - and deal with the real instrumental questions: Will a relationship without pressure ever run out of air? And if so, why isn't it called printing?

With head cinema, the Quetschwork Family embarks on the collective Über-We - a kind of people's bird's-eye view. And when songbirds, birds of prey and jokers land on the stage with a four-line heron including songs from their own feather play, then it is not only a spectacle free from natural force, but above all a listening and feeling play.

If humor is really the button that prevents you from bursting your collar, then the Quetschwork Family plays it safe with their four-row button accordion.

Tickets are available for € 23 on oeticket.com, in advance sales offices and at the box office.

We look forward to numerous visitors.

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€ 20
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Street:vz.jenbach, Achenseestraße 50
City:6200 Jenbach
Phone:+43 5244 6930-41
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Quetschwork Family

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