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Alex Kristan - "Lively"

20:00 O'Clock

Lively - "Rotzpipn forever" the current cabaret program by Alex Kristan

In addition to numerous appearances in the advice team of “What's New?”, At the ORF cabaret summit and in many other cabaret formats, ALEX KRISTAN is known for his legendary vocal parodies of stars such as Franz Beckenbauer, Heinz Prüller, Andreas Herzog, Toni Polster, and many more.

Lively - "Rotzpipn forever"

A small parking ticket for wrong parking as the origin of the great uprising! In times in which "political correctness" is a contradiction in terms and everyday life is regulated by regulations, it is more necessary than ever to live snottiness. And when the old-fashioned saying “carpe diem” becomes an initial spark for disobedience and rebellion, yes, for life without limits, then the word “lively” becomes the program! Literally. The crooked path as a full-throttle straight?
If everything was supposed to be better yesterday, why not live today as if there was no tomorrow? We all have to die some day. But not with everyone else.

Get out of the hamster wheel and into the roller coaster. Bringing yin and yang into imbalance. Really say what you think for once. Realize how much the wrong carnival costume in childhood can have an impact on a real life as an adult. Can you hang a calendar from 2028 in the hospital recovery room? Do not ask. Do. When duty calls, tell them to call you back.
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Street:SZentrum, Andreas-Hofer-Straße 10
City:6130 Schwaz
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Alex Kristan - "Lebhaft"

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