Concert Ensemble Euphonie

18:30 O'Clock

Music without walls, Silver Summer 2024

The Euphonie took part in an international music competition in Florence and
won silver in the inaugural category Sacred Music.
Gold was awarded to the Chamber Choir Academy of Music, which has already won several international
Chamber Choir Academy of Music University of
Sarajevo (Helsingborg (Sarajevo)). Sarajevo (Helsingborg (2004), Rome Festival (2005),
Moscow (2006), Nis (2018), etc.). A valuable musical friendship developed and Maestro Prof. Rade Radovic, MA, expressed the wish to sing a concert together with the vocal ensemble EUPHONIE. In the knowledge that singing together unites people and, if necessary, makes existing walls disappear, and in memory of the fact that around 30 years ago many people from the former Yugoslavia came to Tyrol to flee the terrible war and found their new home here, the vocal ensemble EUPHONIE is happy to fulfill this wish.
City:6130 Schwaz
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