Vegetable salsa at Pfundplatz

11:00 O'Clock

Our local vegetables as the main protagonists for a lavish festival at Pfundplatzl

2 chefs, 4 hands and 7 hoods prepare dishes from vegetables.

The two top vegetarian chefs Paul Ivic and Peter Fankhauser will inspire you at Pfundplatz with dishes based on fruit and vegetables that are designed to whet your appetite for the basics of our diet.
A market of opportunities will take place at the same time:
Fermentation workshop,
Consultation hour with the Kräutermarie,
Information stand on food sovereignty,
Children's station (crafts around vegetables)
Stage with music (live salsa theme)
Protest soup stew for everyone from the Schwazeria

Culinary delights 10 EUR/course 30 EUR/all courses, protest soup directly with the organizer
City:6130 Schwaz
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